Livelihoods Resilience in Upland Communities, Oudomxay province

Disaster Risk Reduction Plan

Disaster Risk Reduction Plan in Oudomxay Province, North of Laos.
Photo by: Oxfam


In Laos there are no records of large-scale disasters; however, small-scale disasters create big problems for rural communities and small-scale farmers and producers. Unpredictable rain, drought, increasingly extreme weather, prolonged hot weather, landslides and flash floods put smallholders, farmers, crops and other livelihoods at risk. To support them, Oxfam and partners will provide a livelihood fund to those in poverty and smallholders to invest as per their needs, in order to protect their income and livelihoods from disasters and climate change risks. To increase the resilience of women and their families’ livelihoods in communities of working provinces of Lao PDR with regard to hazards, climate variability, climate change and uncertainty. The project benefits approximately 32.000 men and women in Oudomxay.

Project period

October 2016-November 2019

Target outcomes

1: Improved capacity amongst communities and government authorities to prepare for and respond to hazards, climate variability and climate change

2: Increased resilience in the livelihoods of the most vulnerable to climate change and disasters

3: Improved access to, control over and sustainable use of natural resources

4: Shared learning and advocacy for improvement of community-based CCA and DRR practice and policy.

Contributing donors

Oxfam Hong Kong and Fondation Ensemble.