Disaster Risk Reduction

Oxfam in Asia - Asia Resilience Hub - Statement: AMCDRR 2018
Asia could and must lead the world to a new era of shared prosperity by reducing disaster impacts, holding true to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 call to "Leave no one behind". Oxfam supports the 8th AMCDRR and aims to work side by side with ministers, organizations, and other actors...
Driving Small and Medium Enterprises and Smallholder Farmers in Building Climate Resilience project/Oxfam
Laos remains heavily dependent on agriculture which has traditionally been dominated by smallholder and subsistence farming with related micro and medium enterprises. This fact was highlighted during the launch and consultation workshop for the “Driving Small and Medium Enterprises and Smallholder...
Disaster Risk Reduction Plan
To support people who suffer from natural disasters, Oxfam and partners will provide a livelihood fund to those in poverty and smallholders to invest as per their needs, in order to protect their income and livelihoods from disasters and climate change risks.
Student learn Disaster Risk Management
We believe that addressing existing vulnerabilities, mitigating hazards and risks, and adapting to the impact of climate change requires whole-system capacity-building and transformation. At the foundation of these efforts are women and men in poverty, who must have access to the relevant...
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