Gender Justice

Young mother with baby

Young mother with baby
Photo by: Tineke D'haese

We believe that, for substantive and durable transformation to occur, change needs to take place at different, mutually reinforcing levels. We want to see more deprived and marginalised women securing greater, more sustained access and control of productive resources. We want them to have the opportunity to become organised and mobilised around their specific needs, to challenge discrimination, to claim their rights and to live free from violence. In particular, marginalised young women living in poverty will be empowered to raise their voices and claim their rights.


Women and youth have the opportunity to organize collective and mobilize around their specific needs and challenge their discrimination and denial of rights and live free from violence.

What we want to achieve

  • More marginalised women who are experiencing poverty have secured greater and more sustained access to, as well as ownership, management and control of, productive resources, including natural resources, individually and collectively.

  • More deprived and marginalised women have the opportunity to organise and mobilise around their specific needs, challenge discrimination and denial of their rights, and live free from violence.

  • Youth, especially poor and marginalised young women, are empowered to raise their voices and claim their rights.

How we achieve it

  • Working towards women’s economic empowerment and gender-equitable livelihoods by enabling marginalised women and men to participate on an equal basis in formal economic decision-making processes and platforms and challenging/transforming existing economic power structures at the village level through critical engagement with district/provincial level authorities and relevant corporate sector entities.

  • Enhancing women’s agency and political participation through gender and CEDAW capacity-building and promotion, strengthening legal platforms for addressing gender-based violence, and protecting women’s labour and reproductive health rights.

  • Mainstreaming gender in institutions, as well as development processes and interventions, and hold to account institutions that are responsible for dispensing and ensuring justice, protecting civilians, and guaranteeing and protecting the rights of citizens.

Our partners and relevant stakholders

Gender Development Association (GDA)

Association for Development of Women and Legal Education  (ADWLE)