Building resilient livelihoods and fair share of natural resources through responsible agribusiness in Lao PDR

First aid training

Simulation exercises during contingency planning.
Photo by: Oxfam


The objective of the project was to build disaster and climate resilience into smallholder farming practices, agribusiness business plans, and agricultural value chains through improved knowledge to inform decision making; collaboration between smallholder farmers, investors, SMEs and GoL in the development of equitable market governance strategies. The project benefitted approximately 5,000 men, women, private sectors, SME, agribusiness, farmers’ organizations,  in Oudomxay province and national level.

Project period

July 2016 - November 2017

Target Outcomes

1: To incorporate disaster risk reduction planning into agriculture value chains and business continuity plans;

2: To promote inclusive business models and equitable market governance strategies that help those in poverty to enhance productivity, increase income and build resilience;

3: To educate agribusiness foreign investors and make them more accountable to the farmers, farm labourers, producers and local leadership, and to mitigate environmental and health risks;

4: To promote information and communication technology (ICT) tools as part of an efficient and timely knowledge management and early warning (EW) system;

5: To strengthen institutional capacity so as to influence policy responses to vulnerability in a way that would benefit smallholder producers and processors.

Contributing donors

Oxfam Hong Kong