Scaling up CBDRM and school safety in Lao PDR: improved governance and consolidated approaches

Handover of goats to community

Handover of goats to the community in Feung District, Vientiane Province
Photo by: Oxfam


Oxfam implemented the DIPECHO project in the Kasi District of Vientiane Province from 2009-11, and in Kasi and Hom Districts in 2011-2014. Recently Oxfam completed the DIPECHO project in Kasi, Med and Feuang Districts in Vientiane Province and at national level under a consortium partnership with CARE International, Save the Children and French Red Cross. Oxfam worked on strengthening the coordination mechanisms and governance structure of disaster risk management capacities at national and local level to support improved consolidation and replication of community-based DRM and school safety approaches in vulnerable areas.

Project period

01/05/2016 to 31/12/2017

Target Outcomes

1: Enhanced accountability and recognition of the National DRR platform by DDMCC, with alignment to the Sendai Framework by the end of the action.

2: Community-based DRM and school safety approaches are consolidated and replicated in high-risk areas by the end of the action.

Target Area

The project has been implemented in districts of Feuang (Ban Pangua, SisaArt, Kaengxieng, Naborn, Namai, Nasaeng, Nongpet), Med (Ban Napachard, NamGnorn, Hardyao, Pamark, Napan, SisardTai, SisaArdneua, Nakarngpa, Namhaua, Huaytom) and Kasi (Ban Thongmuad, Nongbouathong, Namorn, Phonethong, Nalub, Naxou, Nongkham, Huayhok, Viengthong, Phonesy), Vientiane Province (27 target villages).

Project partners

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (represented by Social Welfare Department)

Contributing donors

European Union - Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) 

Oxfam Solidarity Belgium (OSB).