Support to Land Governance

Gardening woman and child

Gardening woman and child
Photo by: Oxfam


Oxfam in Laos intends to support Land Information Working Group (LIWG) in strengthening the network of civil society organisations working on related land issues in Lao PDR, through sharing information that is essential for improving responsible land governance, and in promoting policy dialogue among multi-stakeholders in which concerns of community livelihoods are considered.

Project period

August 2017 to July 2018

Target Outcomes

1: The network on land issues is strengthened and recognised as credible, with a stronger and more active membership that shows increased awareness and knowledge of land issues.

2: More civil society organisations, especially LIWG members, work on advocacy for responsible land governance.

3: Policy dialogues on land issues, especially national land policy, are increased, with recommendations on improving and implementing land use plans.

Project main activities 

  • Strengthen the capacity of the network for work related to land issues and land governance advocacy among members;

  • Promote advocacy for better and more responsible land governance through members and civil society organisations;

  • Promote policy dialogue among multi-stakeholders to improve land tenure security; engage and participate in policy-making process, focusing on linking policy to practice.

Project partners

Land Information Working Group (LIWG)

Contributing donors

Oxfam Hong Kong