Saving For Change

Saving Group Planing

Saving for change group
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This project will provide another model of saving practice for communities. The aim of Saving For Change (SfC) is not only to provide access to funds, but to assist members in learning the principles of saving. In addition, the two pilot provinces, Saysomboun and Savannakhet, are those in mining sites. Thus, with the Saving For Change mechanism, communities could come together to discuss their village development plan using the established social fund, and individuals can receive funding for their children’s education, and engage in small-scale entrepreneurship.

Project period

July 2017 to June 2018

Target Outcomes

1: A case study that shows how SFC has been useful for livelihood development and women’s empowerment.

2: Project is being implemented as planned, field facilitators perform their role and are able to guide the groups.

3: Understanding of the Saving For Change principles and practices through peer-to-peer exchange.

4: Partners are able to capture and benefit from information on the savings group for the purposes of activity monitoring and planning.

5: The groups in Savannakhet are established and maintain their functions regularly and effectively.

6: The new groups that are established in Saysomboun are able to understand the concept and principle of Saving For Change.

7: Outside stakeholders become more aware of SFC activities and principles.

8:  Attract wider attention for SFC works, especially from government, to help promote the SFC concept.

9: Field facilitators of both provinces are able to guide the groups and ensure they are functioning.

Project main activities

  • Conducting video production on best stories of change

  • Conducting annual reflection workshop

  • Conducting review and knowledge-sharing event for Saving For Change field facilitators

  • Conducting MIS training for NLWU

  • Supporting and Establishing Groups in Savannakhet and Saysomboun

  • Conducting review for and publish SFC Manual in Lao

  • Launching the SFC guidelines and book-keeping at national level (invite stakeholders, provincial and district level)

Project partners

Lao Women’s Union at Central, Provincial and District levels

Contributing donors

Oxfam America