Capacity Development for Citizen-lead Inclusive Development (CD-CID)

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Most Significant Change Workshop
Photo by: Oxfam


The Capacity Development for Citizen-Led Inclusive Development Project (CD-CID) contributed to inclusive local governance and community development led by Lao people, using innovative institutional development approaches in village development planning.

Project period

01/01/2015 to 31/12/2017 (36 months) 

Target Outcomes

1: Engage Local Authorities (LAs), Non-State Actors (NSAs) and communities in participatory governance for inclusive local development;

2: Increase capacity, trust and cooperation between LAs, NSAs and communities leading to improved local governance;

3: Learn and share good practices on inclusive and participatory development to influence policy makers at national and regional levels.

Project activities

  • Capacity development strategy & curriculum development followed by training in coaching for Lao Development Facilitators with a combination of workshops and workplace training
  • Learning programmes delivered on operational and management capacities followed by workplace coaching
  • Lao Development Facilitators, facilitate CSO-Local Authorities-community dialogue, needs assessment and learning /exposure visits followed by support to NSAs in designing and proposing micro-projects to a small grant fund.
  • Funded by a small grants mechanism, micro-projects are implemented in which CSO, community and Local Authorities cooperate, implement and learn together
  • Lessons learned and good practices captured throughout implementation are codified and shared at national and regional levels

Project partners

The project was implemented by Oxfam, Cord, the Learning for Development Association (LDA), Maeying Houamjai Phatthana (MHP), and the Participatory Development Training Centre (PADETC) in five geographical areas.

Contributing donors

European Union (EU) and Oxfam