Oxfam vision and way to the future

people raising their hands to claim their rights

Photo by: Tineke D'haese

Our Vision

Oxfam’s vision is of a Laos in which all citizens – particularly women, the marginalised and discriminated groups – are able to claim their right to access opportunities and resources so as to overcome all forms of poverty and injustice.

Pathways to the future

With this vision, Oxfam in Laos will:

  • Pursue a progressive agenda for lasting and positive changes. Oxfam will challenge and act on the root causes of poverty, vulnerability, inequality and injustice in Laos.

  • Place gender equality at the centre of its programmes, enabling women as well as marginalised and socially excluded groups to gain control over their lives and contribute actively to decision-making and processes of change.

  • Support empowerment and strengthen the voice of an emerging, representative and progressive civil society which promotes collective action of individuals and communities who live with poverty, exclusion and discrimination, and challenging all forms of injustice.

  • Support progressive agents and actors of change who seek changes in policies, practices, attitudes and beliefs, and hold duty bearers accountable.

  • Leveraging its position as an international organisation, Oxfam will support global-local linkages and international action and solidarity.

  • Renew its programming through building on key learning and focusing on innovative solutions that will address both old and new forms of poverty and injustice and support people to claim their rights.

  • Strengthen accountability to and participation of partners and beneficiaries in all its work.