The ASEAN Guidelines on Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry

“Agricultural and rural development are two of the available driving forces best suited to eliminating hunger and poverty sustainably and mitigating the negative socio-economic effects of emerging disasters, climate events and shocks including pandemics, as experienced with COVID-19. The agriculture (including forestry) sector is a cornerstone of Lao PDR’s development strategy, employing over 70 percent of the population. However, agriculture is contributing only 16 percent of the country’s GDP due to factors including low productivity and lack of modernization, among other issues. To this end, both private and public investments are needed to raise agricultural productivity and incomes, particularly in rural areas. In Lao PDR, additional investments of USD 41 million per year are needed to achieve the first two SDGs by 2030, of which 34 million should specifically target agriculture1.”  -  Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations